Living As My Own

“You are strong girl, keep your head held high”

More times than I can count I’ve looked around and asked myself, “how am I still in this position?” or “this makes no sense… I’m pretty right?”.

Then one day it just hit me, boom! I was asking all the wrong questions. It was a prayer that i’ve pleaded in, many nights ending and tears and the realization that I AM WORTHY, just at what cost.

You know the say “wake up and smell the coffee”, well that didn’t come to me as easy as one may think. I was so focused on this mountain that I thought was oh so grand in front of me when in a reality I was missing out on the greatest adventure to life… finding myself. If you had the opportunity to meet or speak with me in recent years you know that the journey of really figuring myself out was priority on my plate though, in my mind I was seeking something else.

If you haven’t figured it out by now I am talking about being “SINGLE”, the number one most lonely place in America, but not so fast…

All in one instance it hit me, that’s it! “you have been letting this little bitty obstacle hold you back from encompassing who you really are and all of the potential that you have”.

I got it, “I am okay with this season in my life”

In that moment I let go, and let God. I have the freedoms to go do me, be me and simply live as me. I am a spontaneous free spirit with a shot of diva. I am not going to let a particular situation tear me down because that’s what I want now at this very second, instead I am going to grind towards my goals and dreams – and let the rest, be future.



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