Becoming a Boss Babe

What’s your ultimate vision?.. that is for yourself of course. Take that same vision and create a plan or course of action to achieve that very thing.

What are you waiting for.. GO!

I realized quite young in fact, that my life is what I make of it and not to let anyone take that away from me especially if you aren’t where I seek to be in life. I refuse to sit back and allow someone else to spoon feed me and write my story so instead I took ahold of that writing utensil and became the author of my own story.

Yes, I am young but I chosen not to use that as a hinderance but as a propeller to launch me into success. Are you going to live by the status quo of the world and become another statistic or are you going to LIVE.

“Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75” – Benjamin Franklin





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