The Power of Prayer

Lets talk about the “power of prayer”…

I feel as if this is always a touchy subject due to everyone’s own opinion (which you are totally entitled too), and I respect that wholeheartedly. I just want to express by having a small change in mindset and a new level of faith, how much my life has been completely revitalized and continues to be transformed daily!

When you consecrate yourself as a whole to someone or something that is when everything can and will become heightened. In high school I was pretty much a jock and devoted all of my time and heart to my first passion, basketball. When my dreams of going to college and playing ball literally got ripped from me, I felt very lost and by myself with no direction.

I started my journey through college at Kansas State University and “thought” I was finding myself but instead I was masking what my creator truly designed me to be. Approaching my junior year in school I started to feel and realize that my calling was beyond more than a normal school grind and I really started pressing in to the Kingdom and started to find myself, regain the voice I had lost for way to long and began my journey as a dignified young woman of Christ. Shortly following that mental click I picked up everything and just left college with no goodbyes or traces of me ever being there.

Following my true intuition I found myself.. two years later (and still counting) molding myself into a woman of God. Has it been a journey, yes. Has it been easy? No!

Am I done with my mission, absolutely not. This is just the beginning and I’m excited for the ride of a lifetime.



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